Garry Elevator makes $1-3M pre-seed and seed investments.

What We Look For

Our portfolio companies increase communities' ability to form capital and invest it behind their biggest priorities. Our current areas of focus are infrastructure deployment, climate resilience, and community wellbeing.

These products and platforms can take many forms, but we find they often engage with cryptoassets which make sophisticated financial tooling available to communities of any size. In order to align investments with community values, we find many structures use collective governance and cooperative economics to direct decision-making.

We currently invested in a wellbeing media company, a deployer of decentralized wireless infrastructure, and several crypto protocols on which next-generation community investment apps might be built. We are actively exploring infrastructure for mutual aid networks, green infrastructure, and coastal modeling.

what we value

Dignity. We respect the people and the places with whom we work. We help realize unique, thriving futures without prescribing a shape or type of growth. We emphasize dignity, but are not concerned with being dignified. We prefer authentic relationships.

Community. We show up whenever and however we can for the communities and companies we work with. We expect to find creative discord, but do not delight in conflict. We consider community the people whose differences we understand.

Work. Wealth and work are intimately related. We aspire to make equity or royalties available to all that bring value to our companies. Our capital does not confer the right to be a long-term stakeholder. We will work to earn that privilege.

Who answers the phone

John Garry has spent much of his early life exploring community and capital. His paternal grandfather operated a grain elevator for the better part of 20th century, and Garry Elevator seeks to continue a legacy of sophisticated, hyperlocal financial services.

John’s work in endowment management and venture capital has shaped an investment philosophy that emphasizes resilience and relationship over other factors. At the University of Notre Dame, he led the Investment Office’s research into cryptoassets. At High Alpha, he helped to invest in early stage companies and scale the firm’s corporate venture studio arm.

He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York but will always call South Bend, Indiana home.

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